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Sleep, Bread of Life, Water of Paradise

Far from me is sorrow,
In the mirror of Reflection,
I see the way to
bring my children closer to maturity.

Far from me is sorrow,
Beloved of God and Man,
I sleep as worship,
work as transformation of time:

From a trap of the matrices
of dissolving distraction
of antagonism and problem-focus
to building calmly, respect for life:

The way of the human kindness,
The way of prosperity,
The way of multiplication of effort,
Leverage for the good of us both.



Psalms 127, Isa. 26:3, Isa. 65:17.

Re-calibrated Memory

Re-calibrated Memory

I remember
what I lost when I
couldn't remember anything:

when my conscious mind
was sold to worry,
pursuit, and empty shells.

I remember that I lost
some things essential
so I purpose to reclaim
the precious Pearl of wisdom.

I remember that I lost
the JOY of being
alive another day
able to dance and play
in my own mind
by my own will.

So I build my
mental walls again:
brick by brick,
my peace returns.

My Life


This is my Life
and I'm gonna make it...
Who knows How far I can take it?

Three things come together
for me to be kenosised
(human rebirth)

My Will,
My Dad's sperm,
My Mom's Womd
to give me birth

I was bored with the Heavens
so I cam to Earth for a while,

"who knows,
I might fall in love,"
I thought, "even father a child."

But my mind was clouded
and deluded
by the UNDEAD
running things

It made me miss the times
Imagination was not just fantasy
but, rather, true wings.

Even teh smallest bird-brain
feels their heart beat,
and sings;

Yet all you humans do
is listen to music
and compliment
how well a DIVA sings.

...is what brought me here.

It dispels despair


For-get the air,
Let's see what the SEA
does for you and me.

(Repeat Chorus x2)
In the darkness [Ps. 18]
weave:, formed

From uncertain
Amplified drives
for present Pleasure

In their darkness,
We are formed

Without Strength,
Protecting someone
else is impossible
more rabble,rabble continues....Collapse )

Free Indeed (Demon Exodus)

Let the demons all come out;
Let My People give a shout:
"We won't give up the quest,
out Prosperity shall [be made] manifest!"
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Transcribed from a druggle dated Mo. 28 Feb. 2011

Vogon May 16 2012

don't you touch my body
keep your hands out of my face
First, you say you fear me
then you wanna be near me
Just get your arse off of my case

Racist, classist, ignorant piece of shit
bully, perverted "War on Terror"-ist
go and make *your* pants drop
U TSA rent-a-cop.
I don't want your Cheney's to hold me
Rumsfeld, Chertoff, and Pistole
You'd kill all freedom in your sights
Where I want my Amendment Rights
I am no danger to you,
but you knew that anyway,
Since you hate American freedom
then just go somewhere else to play

Lack of Bill

The fool says there is no God,
The nerds say obviously there is not God,
but they work for money bills
to pay their utility bills...

...suffer at jobs all day
and take sleeping pills at night,
take a wager with death
to earn a mortgage,

notice the banks (of bills)
produce nothing,
yet own everything,
and we the people bail them out

...with our money bills (taxes).

We say it is folly to tithe,
to give 10% of the corrupt priests,
so we give 60% to the politicians
who then make us walk barefoot

paid by our bills,
we nonetheless support this system
and keep stressing our minds
to get our passes for their gates:

gates to "better" jobs,
which we need to earn bills,
gates to "better" communities
where our children grow up bored,

taught by our society
to work for more bills.

There is no more God
we're too smart for that
We must pay our bills
We must sever our new "god".

Christmas Snack

T'is early, early Christmas Day,
But no drinkin' with Mertle Faye.
I hide behind our festooned tree,
That ole fat man, I hope to see.

I hear a thump out on the roof,
Then the ping of a dainty hoof,
And before I can count to three,
Ole Saint Nick stands beside the tree.

Stepping out with moves smooth as silk,
I offer him cookies and milk.
Nick takes the plate and sets it down,
Then he whispers through a sad frown,

"I'm so sorry son, didn't you know?
These tasty treats I must forgo,
It's 'cause I'm lactose intolerant.
Diabetes, too. That's rampant.

But I'll sit here to have a snack
And rest my poor old aching back.
Christmas is hard on the ole coot
That's stuffed in this funny red suit.

So check your frig, see what you got,
It won't take much--I'll tell you what!
This feller would shout with delight
For a crisp dill and a Coors Light."


The worlds not as beautiful as it used to be
and fuck this country, this isn’t free
Sick of being told who to be
by these pig ass fucking thieving police
America, you think you slick?
America can suck a big fat dick
Politics gotta cheat there way to the top
and this shits never gonna stop
when we fearin our government more than our killers
and the sirens hunt a young girls dreams
while her guts fucking burst from the seams
You finally fail, chest impale, your boys in jail
baby ill be waiting for you when you get out
with a truck of cold corpses, babe no fucking doubt

We are the disease, we are the cure

Science covers everything,

From star domes, to chromosomes, to how your family builds their homes

And with all the propaganda ya hear, about the decaying atmosphere

Its redundant to go and turn a blind eye, when we can slip the blindfold and just defy

Is it so important to cling to a lie, while youre watching your planet die

You know you gotta stay thinking green, keep your mother planet clean

Kids actin too cool to care, throwin cigarette butts everywhere

While we consumed by tax deductions, japans got volcanoes erupting

Yeah, you wanna breath? You gonna need those trees

Cause right now, we all a disease

Nature is beautiful and science is too

The times come to stand up, and do what we need to do